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Infj careers to avoid

Infj careers to avoid

Every person is unique in how they handle certain situations that arise in their lives. However, after years of studying the human mind, it can be seen that there are certain types of personalities that are better suited for certain situations.

This does mean that the personality of a person will greatly contribute to what they are going to be happy doing in life, such as their career, extracurricular activities and the social situations that they find themselves in. This stands for Introversion, intuition, Feeling and Judging. This type of personality is often referred to as the Advocate Personality. It is very rare! There are several famous people who have been classified as INFJ personalities. These traits can be categorized into strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to note that those who are true INFJ personalities will have both of these strengths and weaknesses, not just one or the other.

INFJ Personalities can burn out quickly. Most of these advocates do not have a proper way to blow off steam since they are so private. They are more likely to work themselves to exhaustion in an effort to better the world.

Do you think any of these personality traits can describe you? Finding a career that suits a certain personality often ensures that the person feels more at ease in their chosen field, along with being happy about the path that their life took. The goal for someone with an INFJ personality is to find a career that is going to be in line with their morals and beliefs. This is why many people with INFJ personalities are not going to be seen climbing the corporate ladder.

Some of the top fields in which a person with an INFJ personality may want to consider are those in healthcare, careers in psychology, science careers, business and even law areas, education, along with jobs in the language and arts industry.

The fields mentioned above are very broad as there are many careers that can be listed in these industries, here are some of the more distinct jobs that those with INFJ personalities would flourish at! All of these careers in the healthcare field are one that are helping people in one way or another. When it comes to educators, they will find that being in an any type of classroom often gives them a great feeling as if they are shaping the future, which they are.

While there are several careers that INFJ personalities are going to thrive in, there are several that could be disastrous for those who have this personality type. While any personality can be happy with any type of job in the long run, it may take them longer to be happy in this position, or they may feel unsatisfied for a long part of their life.

Why are these careers considered something that INFJ personalities should avoid? They simply do not embrace the natural talents that these unique personalities often have. These careers often make a person perform in a way that they are not entirely comfortable with, which then can make them feel even more stressed or drained. In turn, this can make them question just what they are doing with their lives and what they can change in order to be happy. Knowing your specific personality type can allow you to better plan your life, or at least know what you need to do to gain a level of happiness that you may have only dreamed about before.

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The key is to be honest during the testing phase and find the true core of your personality. And remember, that just because these strengths and weaknesses point to certain careers, it is up to the individual to decide what they are happy with doing as a career.People with INTJ personalities tend to see the bigger picture and future perspectives.

It is also not recommended that an INTJ take on jobs that require subtle and precise hand movements. The Critic is not a good fit for work that requires subtle use of the senses. Therefore, jobs such as chef, sound engineer, and wine taster are not suitable for an INTJ. Activities that require the creation of security and convenience are not their strong point.

Therefore it is best for the INTJ to avoid roles that require organizing festive events. They are not authoritative figures. They are happiest accepting orders from those in authority. They face difficulty when leading, managing, assembling, and meeting obstacles. The INTJ prefers to work alone rather than as part of a group. Similarly other unsuitable roles include those that require finesse and political acumen.

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The INTJ personality type is sensitive to excessive emotions. Therefore he should avoid the field of social services. Jobs that require direct care for others, including offering moral and emotional support, is not preferable for an INTJ.

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He is still an investigator type. The INTJ is entrepreneurial. They are critical and question everything around them. They need to understand the facts to make things clear to themselves.

infj careers to avoid

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Sign up for our Newsletter.For INFJs, the ideal career is one that empowers them to take excellent care of their family and spend plenty of time with them but also gives them a meaningful purpose in the context of society. They would like to be doing something that makes a difference and serves to ease some of the suffering in the world.

INFJs are less motivated by status and glory and more by purpose and mission. INFJs are great team members, but would seek to work for themselves so they do not have to compromise or subordinate their values and principles to the auspices of bureaucratic policies.

INFJ Depression \u0026 the Evil Ni-Ti Loop

Here is a look at some INFJ career matches that happen to pay well. Being a great teacher requires a knack for clear communication and being able to inspire and engage their students. Teachers also play a counseling and mentorship role to their students which is something the INFJ is well suited for.

INFJs, with their capacity to relate to others and identify with what they are experiencing is a valuable trait in a school teacher who may sometimes have to contend with hard to reach students that just need a little extra support from a person who cares. Obtaining tenure would be great as INFJs value job security highly plus teaching offers a variety of tasks to perform and a highly structured environment which are things INFJs have cited as among the most important characteristics of a work environment for them.

As a dietitian or nutritionist, INFJs get to advise people and coach them in leading a healthy lifestyle. Dietitians specialize in devising an eating plan that facilitates a desired goal such as weight loss, managing an illness or just improving overall health and vitality. They can show people how to eat properly even when their budget is tighter than a pair of biker shorts. Many nutritionists and dietitians are employed by hospitals as part of supporting staff.

INFJs enjoy work that allows them to help people in a personal and meaningful way and this career is likely to provide that. A career as a criminologist is likely to appeal to an INFJ because it allows them to fight crime intellectually through research and psychological analysis.

The field of criminology is part of the social sciences and involves the gathering of statistics and discerning of patterns in criminal activity and behavior for the purpose of combating it.

6 Careers INFJs Should Probably Avoid

Criminologists seek to find ways of preventing criminal behavior and reducing recidivism. Criminologists get to interview criminals to better understand their motives and mindset. They work with law officials and community officials in the development of better policies and to ensure the fair and humane treatment of felons under rule of law.

INFJs may find this career to be interesting as it puts them in a rare and privileged position to learn and potentially find ways to reduce criminality and improve society as a whole. A career as a critic would be a dream job for most people.

Critics are trained to review finished works and provide a thoughtful analysis. INFJs enjoy sharing their thoughts and impressions about what they see. They would likely excel at interpreting the significance behind events and patterns within a cinematic story that might not be noticed by most viewers.There is many mixed opinions when it comes to career choices for INFJs. magnanimita dei fiori,i prediletti del suolo

Especially in the areas of art and careers where we get to use our Se extroverted sensing function. Se is our inferior function in our stack and it is the most difficult one to handle in a healthy way. A source of stress and anxiety for INFJs is often our Se and this function is in our stack to balance our dominant function Ni introverted intuition. Ni is a introverted function and complex by nature, it helps us connect the dots and make sense of information we take in.

It is an completely unconscious function with the work being done underneath the surface of our functioning. Basically Se is like the polar opposite of Ni which is why we are attracted to using this function. I have played around with music, painting, drawing and other things that lets me express my Se most of my life. I have always been drawn to it and the last couple of years I have begun to understand the implications it can have for an INFJ.

It is very easy for me to imagine the perfect outcome of a piece of art in my mind, the ideal of what I want to create. But when put under pressure, self doubt or perfectionistic tendencies can often implicate things and distort your vision. This is where the tension comes from playing around to much with our inferior and it can make you grow impatient with yourself and create stress and self doubt.

When under pressure working in a career choice like this can bring you a lot of stress, but as they say no pain no gain. Avoiding it will just make you want to indulge in it more and it is a part of you either you like it or nor. I like to read, write and speculate about deep things. The key is balance your functions and know when you are overdoing it and it is doing you more harm then good. If art interests you find your personal perspective in it, the side that lets you use all of your skills as an INFJ and also indulge in your Se as needed.

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Then I can let go of my perfectionism and disappointments, because I work fromt the joy of being, and imperfect work is part of being.

INFJ Careers to Avoid and the Best Jobs for INFJs

Even if I make mistakes, I handle criticism better, because I do want the Se job to mirror the vision I have and that is highly motivating.

Any other Se job I do, like to please someone or to help someone, is more often better done by others than me, unless I practiced for a long time. I think this is artisitic field vision into concrete results can work for an INFJ allthough an INFJ should maybe not do restorations on paintings, were the room for mistakes in Se handywork is minimal, or copy music by hand.

Attempting to deal iwth your Inferior function directly is a bad idea — it is inefficient and unsustainable. The effective way to deal with the Inferior funtion is through the Dominant function.INFJs are generally introverts, and believe a great deal in morals and principles. Research has unearthed 16 known personality types, out of which one is INFJ. People of this type are rare and rather complex.

Well, INFJs are known for their intuitive abilities. They are not of the thinking and reasoning type. They like to go by their natural tendencies. They are introverts and possess high levels of creativity. Careers that give less or no scope to these traits of INFJs, prove to be unsuitable for them. Here is a look at five careers that people with an INFJ personality should avoid. As already mentioned, these individuals have strong intuitions.

This feeling is often misunderstood. And ironically, these people cannot understand their own inner selves completely, making them reserved and protective about themselves. They are compassionate and concerned, and very creative.

infj careers to avoid

They are certainly not the kind who would wear their hearts on their sleeves; they take time to open up, and even after that, it is not necessary that they would share everything with you, even if you are their best friend. An important point is that most of them are highly principled, they follow the moral scruples they have laid down for themselves, and consider the implications before taking any decision.

This is with reference to the fact that they dislike anything to do with public speaking. Moreover, they are reserved, and therefore, speaking in public, interacting with people, posing with a fake smile, etc. They are also highly principled and do not cross certain barriers. To be in politics, one needs to be more calculative and know how to push the right buttons.

Try entering an INFJ in politics and it will most likely be a disaster. And if you push them, they may go into depression. For that matter, any career that relates to direct marketing, advertising, promotion, and brand strategies is unsuitable for them.

These careers require a person to be extremely efficient in public speaking. They also require that the person have excellent verbal communication, interpersonal, and convincing skills. Many a time, in the sales industry, you are required to manipulate information about the efficiency of certain products, perhaps, even lie on the face, and this ability is not present in an INFJ. They are very creative and hence, can be very good at written communication, but face-to-face communication is not their forte.

To convince customers is not something they can do effortlessly, which is why a sales representative is a wrong career choice for them. Accountant It is something that such people should strictly avoid and this goes without saying. INFJs hate monotony. They do prefer working quietly in their own private space, but on no account does this mean that they prefer a monotonous routine. They hate desk jobs and repetitive work.

They would despise being chained to a job that involves dealing with a multitude of documents. Being an accountant also involves being excellent at calculations, and they may not be experts at the same. Even if they are, tallying accounts is something they would prefer avoiding at all costs. Since they prefer creativity at work, an accountant should be the last job to choose. Forensic Auditor Forensic auditors deal with mountains of paperwork.

The job is not similar to that of an accountant, but it runs along the same lines not involving creativity. It is a desk job, and you are given enough documentation to last you a lifetime. Give it a couple of days and an INFJ would probably run away from the office. They will find the atmosphere very stifling, and the repeated documentation will suck their creative juices.INFJs are soft-spoken, but extremely driven and thoughtful. They can be both quiet and reserved, as well as very opinionated and passionate about their ideas.

Many INFJs use their inherent abilities to help other people, and believe that their calling lies in rescue efforts, charities, or similar endeavors. This comes with the unique benefit of being in high demand, but also the difficulty of not being able to easily find people that you can relate to. What are your strengths and weaknesses, and how can your unique and rare characteristics be used to your advantage? The MBTI test has 16 possible personality results, which determines your results based on the following:.

Chances are, you see helping others as your calling — or you at least find a higher level of fulfillment when you do.

INFJs seek out chances to learn more about themselves or others, and thrive when they can have meaningful relationships.

infj careers to avoid

You see problems as opportunities to design and implement creative solutions. You also have a more well-rounded understanding of personal motivations either your own or otherswhich means you can be adaptable to social situations. Because of your introverted tendencies, you may also be more inclined to work behind the scenes. You may also be very independent, but you love to make close personal connections and to learn or better understand the inner workings of others.

However, INFJs can also be slow to build meaningful relationships, and you might also withdraw on occasion as a way to preserve yourself or to set boundaries. This can come off as confusing to others, and may result in hurt feelings — despite your intentions. Of course, personalities are always subject to change. As you grow and have different experiences, you may find some traits change to match your evolving life or worldview.

A love so big it should either be outlawed, or it should have a capital and its own currency. Of course, just as with any other MBTI personality type, your personality comes with its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

The Best INFJ Careers

Here are the pros and cons to having an INFJ personality:. Because your personality is so closely tied to your emotions, INFJs can have an extremely high emotional intelligence. You are also altruistic, since your strengths are often used to better the lives of others.

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You believe strongly in your morals and are devout to causes that speak to you. You take action with the intention of better the lives or others or the world. Additionally, because you are so driven to causes or your morals, you are extremely passionate and outspoken about them.I often receive questions from my INFJ readers asking for career advice.

Finding a suitable career is not easy for an INFJ because what an INFJ desires in a career is rather different from what most people believe a good career is. Personally, I had changed my career paths way too many times.

I had been an auditor, accountant, and animator. Now, I am an author and a tutor.

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I also used to design and write songs in my spare time. Furthermore, our idealistic tendency and our ability to see the end so clearly can cause us to change our careers frequently. No doubt career is one of the biggest problems that INFJs face. It can lead to depression and feeling lost in life. A lot depends on the job scope, the work environment, the organization, and other factors. Meaningful work might sound confusing to the other personality types. For most types, work is just a means to earn an income.

They show up at work and they get paid at the end of the month. Call INFJ an idealist. But this is our life purpose. This is how we want to spend our time. Careers in healthcare and counseling industry work well for INFJs because it allows us to help people and get paid at the same time. If I could go back in time, I would have taken a degree in psychology or something that helps me to understand people instead of something impersonal like accounting.

Even though you are sitting in front of the computer the whole day dealing with codes, if what you are building helps people or improve the systems, you will find fulfillment in your job too.

infj careers to avoid

Recently, I went back to help my ex-company with their accounts because they have a shortage of manpower. Although accounting is not for me, I still do it because I want to help my ex-colleagues in this difficult time. INFJs can see different points of view. We can see the underlying issue and provide valuable insights to others. However, we must be in an organization that allows us to change things and shares our insights. Otherwise, INFJs will get frustrated easily. If we want to help someone and we realize we have no power to help themit might be more miserable than doing something with no meaning.

We INFJs trust our insights and want control over how we help others. This applies to creative control too. INFJs love a job that uses inspirations and creativity, for example, creative careers such as a writer, designer, and artist.

However, if we are constantly being micromanaged and not given the freedom to express our creativity, we will lose interest in the job eventually. Previously, I wanted to be in the animation industry because I was attracted to the animated features that Pixar is making. Their stories are touching, meaningful, and help people grow. Their animations might look cool, funny, and somewhat violent, but they are not the type of animation I wanted to do, so I left the industry.

Although INFJs enjoy creative work, we probably have to think twice before we get a job in the creative field. Working for someone in a commercial setting is totally different from doing creative work on your own. You have to listen to the creative direction of your employers and clients. They dictate what you have to do and that might limit your creativity. Well, I prefer not to manage a class.